TRAX Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Barbour

By TRAX Analytics
Monday, March 08, 2021

This International Women's Day TRAX is highlighting the amazing women who have contributed to the success of our company and what keeps them fulfilled. 


Lindsay Barbour, Director of Client Success
Initially, I began my career in Client Success working for a major waste and recycling broker based out of Atlanta for 5+ years. This company was a technology startup, with a heavy focus on creating a SaaS platform, and saving their clients millions in fees. This job was my first taste working for fast-paced, hyper-focused companies with a primary focus on building client relationships. Needless to say, I loved it! 

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Future of Cleaning

By TRAX Analytics
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Never has this industry seen such rapid evolution in functionality and sustainability innovation. Just a couple of years ago, color-coded microfiber mops were the way of the future. New emerging technology seems to be released almost weekly, i.e., IoT devices to measure air quality, consumables, and occupancy sensors. How much of these technologies and practices are sustainable?

The cleaning industry is a competitive market; cleaning companies are left to weigh how much this technology is sustainable. Will it give them a competitive advantage to make such investments?

Over the past year, we have helped organizations build innovation portfolios aligning with their capacities and resources—organizations prompt innovation and high-tech processes. Still, few comprehend what it takes to successfully deploy and integrate such changes into their organization's ecosystem of processes, let alone have a dedicated team member knowledgeable in IoT and technology.

With over a decade in operations with facility management firms focusing on cleaning procedures and incorporating technology to be competitive in a low-margin environment. The next evolution in the cleaning industry has arrived. We see a dramatic shift from scheduled-based to demand-based cleaning using the power of data analytics. Remember when cleaners had to make tunnels and corridors to move around a property? Guests want to know, see, and feel comfortable that areas are being serviced regularly. Let us not hide the cleaning process; let us showcase it!

Analysts believe that the cleaning industry will continue to grow—and the demand for efficient, quality service will grow along with it.

TRAX Touchless Feedback

By TRAX Analytics
Monday, February 08, 2021

Guest feedback has been a core component and data source feeding our TRAX SmartRestroom platform since the solution's genesis in 2017. Our clients consistently see the power that the data brings when correlated with restroom usage, custodian cleaning information, inventory data, work order management, and predictive analytics. Supported by an industry-leading feedback provider, we placed hundreds of feedback tablets at some of the world's busiest facilities and gathered millions of guest responses.

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Flush with high-tech, bathrooms in it to win it

By CJ Sutherland
Tuesday, January 05, 2021

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Stall lights and digital soap tracking could make the restrooms at DFW International Airport the best in the nation. DFW’S restrooms are one of 10 finalists for the nation’s best in a yearly competition sponsored by industrial supply company Cintas. The annual contest also includes zen-like abodes at Portland’s Japanese Garden and a swanky bathroom at a restaurant in Austin.

DFW Airport was tabbed after a year long effort to improve customer satisfaction with airport restrooms, including high-tech features to make them easier to use, well-stocked and available for passengers.

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What Smart Restroom Data Will Tell You

By CJ Sutherland
Tuesday, August 06, 2019


 From Facility Management:

Like so much else in today’s world, advances in data gathering and business intelligence software offer significant opportunities to improve the public washroom guest experience. Smart Restroom solutions built on a foundation of sensor-based data collection and analytics software is vaulting the public washroom experience from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century – and the change is as dramatic and welcome to guests and facility managers around the world.

Today’s Smart Restroom solutions include features such as customer throughput counting that allows facility managers to track bathroom usage volume in real-time. Ensuring restroom supplies are always available becomes easier when the data is available to inform the facilities manager about how often restrooms are being used and how many users are passing through them. Over time, this type of data can help make the case for restroom changes that may be necessary to accommodate guests, this includes adding or removing toilets and stalls or creating additional restroom space. The data also helps facilities managers make informed and improve decisions when it comes to supply procurement and storage which can lead to opportunities for cost savings.

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