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TRAX® Analytics Turns Complex Facility Management into a Data-driven Process

By TRAX Analytics
Monday, December 13, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 7.33.11 PMTRAX Analytics simplifies facility management protocols by introducing reliable data to the equation. By collecting and interpreting facility data, management can ensure that custodial staff is dispatched as needed. When data goes into planning which tasks are needed most, facility management can be certain that hygiene requirements are met without stretching custodial staff beyond their capabilities.

TRAX Clean + Inspect

The Clean + Inspect analytical tools ensure high custodial performance through the use of an application that requires staff to electronically check off tasks they’ve completed throughout work shifts. Checklists are stored on the application where supervisors can easily verify task completion and provide feedback to staff members.

The analytical tools help monitor custodial performance quality, ensure that custodial activities are completed, and record staff compliance to be certain that results are effective and sustainable throughout the facility.

The application works in real-time, so not only does it allow supervisors to estimate task timelines, but it also simplifies management by

  • Enabling staff to receive real-time service triggers
  • Helping staff monitor inventory levels
  • Allowing custodial teams to check off tasks as they’re completed
  • Providing an easy route for supervisor-to-team feedback
  • Making task inspection simple and straightforward
  • Storing quality control reports
  • Analyzing custodial data for more efficient dispatch
  • Allowing supervisors to schedule inspections and employee breaks so that all staff members are properly notified

TRAX Smart Restrooms

In addition to maintaining a clean facility, TRAX Analytics encourages a specific focus on restroom cleanliness. Being that clean restrooms help keep the rest of the facility free from contamination, TRAX Analytics collects restroom data and analyzes it so that custodial staff can maintain exceptional sanitation routines.

Smart Restroom technology simplifies facility management by

  • Providing real-time, restroom-specific alerts for cleaning needs or inventory restocking
  • Monitoring restroom usage, peak hours, and occupancy trends
  • Keeping track of custodial task timelines
  • Allowing staff to submit real-time work orders and inventory requests
  • Monitoring restroom lighting systems
  • Providing a platform for guest feedback surveys and KPI metrics.

Data collection and analysis allows custodial teams and facility management staff to properly plan sanitation efforts. By monitoring traffic trends and following application prompts, custodial staff can work smarter rather than harder to keep a clean, efficient facility.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your facility, contact TRAX Analytics to set up a free consultation. We’ll walk through every aspect of our analytical tools to illustrate how our data analysis can streamline your facility management processes.

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