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2021 Smart Trends in Restroom Technology

By TRAX Analytics
Friday, November 26, 2021


Innovative tech trends have improved processes in a variety of industries, including restroom technology. Many business owners, facility managers, and even homeowners are utilizing the latest smart devices for efficient restroom monitoring, utility savings, and improved cleanliness.

Let’s explore the most recent trends implemented to help you make your bathroom smart and your workload lighter.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets present several benefits that make them superior to traditional toilets. For one, smart toilets are designed to be more compact yet durable, and they’re typically more comfortable to use (sometimes even coming with seat warming capabilities). 

Additionally, smart toilets are usually touchless, meaning that they flush without the user needing to put their hands on the toilet. Many models also self-clean and use less water than their traditional counterparts.

Smart Faucets

Smart faucets also implement touchless features, so users don’t have to contaminate their hands when turning the water on or off. These utilities are not only a wise option for improved hygiene, but they help prevent water waste. 

Because smart faucets are automated, there’s no chance of accidentally leaving the water dripping or overflowing the sink. Users have access to enough water to wash and rinse their hands without sending gallons of water down the drain in the process.

Smart Water Monitor

Smart water monitors are an intelligent supervising solution, being that they keep track of how many gallons of water are used in each facility they’re installed in. 

By using a smart water monitor, homeowners and facility managers alike can closely monitor their water use, watch for overuse patterns, and view the success rates of different water-saving ventures. 

Smart Lighting

Another effective smart device that can be utilized in bathroom technology is power-saving smart lighting. Both energy-saving LED bulbs and motion-detecting on/off settings can prevent the overuse of energy in restroom facilities. 

Motion detecting lights have become exceptional in detecting even the slightest movement, meaning that they provide safe, effective lighting when the restroom is occupied and will turn off when the bathroom is vacant.

Smart technology seeks to improve cleanliness, utility usage, and convenience across many modes of everyday living. As technology advances, so will the benefits it presents to company managers, public facilities, and homeowners who want to take advantage of more innovative, cleaner restrooms.

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