Osceola County Courthouse Installs Infax Technology To Improve Wayfinding For Patrons





Tech-Forward Courthouse Installs Digital Video Wall to Increase Operations Efficiency 


ALPHARETTA, Ga., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Infax, Inc. (, the data-driven provider of information technology (IT) solutions for public and commercial institutions, today announced that it has successfully installed its Engage system with an additional video wall at Osceola County Courthouse in Osceola, Florida. Located near the security checkpoint in the lobby, the new video wall displays dynamic, high-resolution informative content for patrons, jurors and members of the court to help them better navigate the courthouse.

The company's technology improves operational efficiencies throughout a courthouse by enabling court administrators to communicate to a mass audience, efficiently and instantly. The installation is comprised of six high-resolution monitors and displays critical content and messages, including a digital directory, ad hoc announcements and a video message from Chief Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr.

The company's software fundamentally streamlines how visitors can navigate around and receive information at a variety of venues throughout the country, both in the public and private sector - such as: courthouses, airports, stadiums, malls, universities, convention centers, schools and corporate facilities.  Infax offers a range of enterprise IT products and services, including TRAX Analytics, a facility analytics platform that monitors, captures and examines the flow and movement of people and assets, in real-time. 

"The installation at Osceola County went beyond Infax's standard Engage deployment, and we partnered with Omnivex Moxie Software to design an all-inclusive video wall, customized for Osceola County Courthouse's specific needs," said Tracy Davis, VP of sales and business development, Infax. "This is the first installation of its kind for an Infax client in the judicial sector.  We are thrilled to see courthouses like Osceola County adapting new technologies to improve their patron experience."




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