Infax features Genesee County Docket Call installation

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Detroit's recently featured our Genesee County, Michigan installation of Docket Call. Genesee County officials turned to Docket Call in part because they needed to direct traffic to four different courts located in two different buildings.

The story points out all the problems faced by court administrators managing dockets today -- lost patrons, intentionally or accidentally damaged paper dockets, ADA access, and problems keeping up with minute-to-minute docket changes -- and how their Docket Call installation eliminates those problems.

From the story:

"Dena Altheide, 67th District Court administrator, said the system has been 'wonderful,' and the response 'positive.' Altheide, Paula J. McGlown, 68th District Court administrator, and the Probate Court Administrator, James N. Bauer, said they have each saved on staff time, and the time-consuming questions the public asked each day because court-goers were confused on where to go."

Circuit Court Administrator Barbara Menear sums it up: “...people love it.”

We're happy to hear they've had such a great experience with Docket Call.

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